Result of Activity "Erecting a bamboo pole (Nêu tree) in the traditional Tet holiday 2023"

Friday - 24/02/2023 04:03
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* Group of agencies, schools, businesses, cultural houses of hamlet/quarter:
- Prize A: Cultural house of Hòa Thanh quarter (Tân An ward)
- Prize B: People's Committee of Cẩm Phô ward; Nguyễn Trãi High School
- Prize C: Cultural house of Đông Hà hamlet (Cẩm Kim commune); Cultural house of An Phong quarter (Tân An ward); Silk Sense Hoi An River Resort; Đỗ Trọng Hường Primary School (Cửa Đại Ward).
* Group of relics, clan ancestor houses
- Prize A: Communal house of Thanh Nam village, Bà Shrine - Võng Nhi (Cẩm Thanh commune), Communal house of Hội An village
- Prize B: Bà Shrine - Xóm Mới (Cẩm Châu ward), Communal house of Thanh Nhứt village (Cẩm Thanh commune), Whale Temple - An Bàng (Cẩm An ward), Nguyễn Viết House (Thanh Hà ward)
- Prize C: Communal house of Sơn Phô village, Nam Thành Temple (Cẩm Châu ward), Xuân Mỹ Temple (Tân An ward), Âm Linh Temple, Temple of worshiping the God of Farmer in Tra Que vegetable village (Cẩm Hà commune), Nghĩa Trũng Temple (Cẩm An ward).

Author: Liễu Chi

Source: Hoi An Center for Cultural Heritage Management and Preservation

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