Construction permission advisory and restoration monitor of ancient houses in the Hoi An Ancient Town in the first quarter of 2023

Monday - 03/04/2023 05:12
To meet the need to repair and restore houses and other buildings in the ancient town, in the first quarter of 2023, Hoi An Center for Cultural Heritage Management and Preservation received and resolved 44 applications for restoring houses/historic buildings, including 10 applications in Zone I, 19 in Zone II-A and 15 in Zone II-B.
cap phep khu pho co
Hoi An ancient town from above
      In those, the Center counseled Hoi An People's Committee allowing for 32 applications, instructed and returned 08 dossiers, 04 dossiers in processing. There were no cases of being late according to the appointment slip.

      Besides issuing permits for construction/repair in the ancient town, the Center also usually coordinates with the related authorities to instruct and monitor residents to abide by the permits, to check, handle and solve infringement in construction activities as soon as possible to make sure that these activities don't affect the architecture, natural scenery and value of the historic buildings.

      In particular, the Center had also coordinated with municipal agencies to inspect and propose ways to handle cases of using public spaces to display business goods in the ancient town. The adjustment of urban order and business order contributes to ensuring the beauty of the old town, creating a friendly tourist destination, towards the goal of green and sustainable tourism development.

Author: Trang Thi

Source: Hoi An Center for Cultural Heritage Management and Preservation

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