Hoi An Ancient Town


Folk knowledge about island cuisine in Hoi An

The types of cuisine originating from mountainous areas, midlands, river deltas, through the process of living with the sea, people in Hoi An have formed knowledge and traditions of cuisine associated with the sea and islands.
        This tradition has its own distinct nuances compared to other areas, such as exploitation, use of ingredients, processing techniques and eating habits...

        This knowledge and tradition is reflected first of all in the exploitation and use of ingredients from the sea and islands to make daily dishes and drinks. More and more dishes using ingredients from the sea and islands, on the one hand markedly enrich the daily meals of local residents, on the other hand shown interaction of the local residents towards the marine environment. This fact was reflected very early through foreign missionaries and traders who visited the seas in Hoi An.

Author: Trần Văn An

Source: Hoi An Center for Cultural Heritage Management and Preservation

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